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Каждый подкаст это урок с различными заданиями. Уровень Upper Intermediate и Advanced. Без перевода на русский язык.


2012-06-30: British singer Adele is pregnant2012-05-01: Movie screenplays released as eBooks
2012-06-27: Learn in your sleep, researchers say2012-04-28: KFC to pay $8m in poisoning damages
2012-06-24: Kenya bars maids going to Middle East2012-04-25: Google to offer free 5GB of cloud space
2012-06-21: U.N. pessimism at Rio+20 Earth Summit2012-04-22: Germany rules against YouTube in copyright case
2012-06-18: Olympic officials probe ticket scandal2012-04-19: UN wives ask Mrs Assad to stop Syria violence
2012-06-15: 10,000 germ species in/on our body2012-04-16: Ceremonies mark Titanic centenary
2012-06-12: UK PM leaves 8-year-old daughter in bar2012-04-13: Boy, 5, takes bags of heroin to school
2012-06-09: Russia means business in Euro 2012 win2012-04-10: Free Wi-Fi top of hotel guests wish list
2012-06-06: Air-rage granny gets 10-year flight ban2012-04-07: America's smallest town sold online
2012-06-03: Old people smell nicer than young people2012-04-04: Early humans used fire million years ago
2012-05-31: Balotelli to quit Euros if racially abused2012-04-01: Race is on to find Russia's best workers
2012-05-28: German help for Greece waning2012-03-29: Homework has few benefits, says study
2012-05-25: Two-flies-only limit for Beijing toilets2012-03-26: British Queen drops in on wedding
2012-05-22: Remote control inventor dies aged 962012-03-23: Australia’s most wanted captured
2012-05-19: Iran anger at Google over Persian Gulf2012-03-20: Sweden in move to cashless economy
2012-05-16: World's first underwater mosque built2012-03-17: Encyclopaedia Britannica ends print edition
2012-05-13: The sandwich celebrates 250th birthday2012-03-14: Breath-powered phone charger invented
2012-05-10: Facebook hoodie angers bankers2012-03-11: Top newspaper scraps front-page nudes
2012-05-07: Energy drinks irreversibly damage teeth2012-03-08: Internet campaign to arrest Joseph Kony
2012-05-04: Being bilingual boosts brain power2012-03-05: Speech jammer device stops people talking
 2012-03-02: Lady Gaga launches anti-bullying foundation