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6. Transcript of the audio

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Oxford should be about an hour's drive from London. It’s very popular with tourists and students. And Oxford University is one of the top ten universities in the world. 

I’m at the top of the Carfax Tower. It has amazing views over the city and from here you can see that the university really is at the heart of the city. 

Oxford University is made up of thirty eight different colleges. There are twenty thousand students studying at Oxford from nearly a hundred and fifty countries. Studying here can be an amazing experience. Some of these colleges are more than 700 years old. 

Many students get involved in activities outside their studies. The Oxford University Fencing Club is over a hundred years old. It is still popular today.

Nick: How important are the extracurricular activities like the sporting clubs and societies? 

Student: I think it’s really important. I think especially in Oxford where it’s a really strong academic environment it’s really easy for people to just get really caught up and just live in the library. It’s definitely good for people to get out and do something different.

Nick: Is it difficult to get the balance right between your university work and your sport? 

Student: Well, I tend to be busy all of the time. So I’m studying during the daytime and then in the evenings I come down here and train. You have to work really hard but at the same sense you can also, kind of, play really hard. You can train hard and do really well at sports and other activities.


There are universities in most big towns and cities in Britain. This is the LSE, the London School of Economics, part of the University of London. 

Many students come from abroad to study in the UK. They have to find tuition fees, food and somewhere to live. It can be expensive.  

Waqas Adenwala is from Pakistan and lives in Rosebury Hall, the university halls of residence about 2 kilometres from the main campus.

Nick: Hi, Waqas.

Waqas: Hi Nick.

Nick: Nice room.

Waqas: Thank you.

Nick: So why do you live in a Halls of Residence? 

Waqas: It’s really nice. It’s a short walk to the campus, it’s cheap and I get to meet a lot more people.

Nick: What’s it like to live here?

Waqas: It’s great. There’s so many things I can do over here. There’s a canteen, a bar, a TV room and then there’s even a laundry.

Nick: Will you live here next year?

Waqas: I will. In the first year everyone gets the accommodation, but they move out to share a flat next year, but I’m definitely staying here. 

Back on campus, students have social areas where they can relax. The Students’ Union building is the place where they can meet friends after a busy day.

Michael Lock is from Hong Kong and is studying law at the London School of Economics. He’s also International Students’ Officer.

Nick: So what goes on here at the LSE Student’s Union? 

Michael: Well, Nick, as you can see, students will come here between their classes and lectures and will meet up with their friends before going home or going to another class. 

Nick: And you’re an International Students’ Officer. What does that mean?

Michael: About 70 percent of our students come from overseas, so I work with some of them in helping them in visa issues and generally settling down in a new home in London.  

Nick: And what tips would you give to any students thinking of coming to study in the UK? 

Michael: I think my number one tip is – get a nice jacket because it can get pretty cold – and secondly – know what you are looking for – because different universities are very different. And finally keep an open mind – do not be afraid to meet new people and have fun! 

Nick: Good advice. Your shot. 

Studying in Britain can cost a lot of money and students need to work hard but the main thing to remember about being a student is that it’s also a lot of fun.

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