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6. Transcript of the audio

Listen the audio one more time, if you don't understand smth look into transcript of the text.


Ashlie: Where did I put my purse? Have you seen my keys?

Stephen: I think I saw them in the kitchen, Ash.

Ashlie: Thanks. Hey, watch this.She looks great. I really hope I get this part this afternoon.

Stephen: Ashlie’s watching a lot of advertisements on TV at the moment. She’s got an audition today. If they like her, she could be the star of the next TV ad.

Ashlie: Yeah, right.

Stephen: This audition, what’s the advert about? What is it advertising, Ash?

Ashlie: Erm… I don’t really know. I hope I get it, though. I’ll be on TV, Stephen! Anyway, come on, turn this off. My meeting’s at eleven o’clock. Come on. Bring Poppy.

Stephen: This is Poppy, Ashlie’s dog. Isn’t she lovely? Come on, Poppy, let’s go.


Ashlie: OK, Stephen. Wish me luck.

Stephen: Good luck, Ashlie. I’m sure you’ll be fantastic. I’ll see you back here in a couple of hours.

Ashlie: Hang on! You have to take Poppy.

Stephen: No, I can’t. I’m going to the gym. They won’t let her in.

Ashlie: Oh Stephen, I wish you’d told me before we left the house. What am I going to do with her now?

Stephen: Well, leave her here. She’ll be OK. 

Ashlie: No way, Stephen! I can’t leave my baby here. You’ll have to take her.

Stephen: No, sorry, Ashlie. I’ve got to run, sorry!

Ashlie: I’ll just have to take you with me then, I guess. Come on, Poppy.


Ashlie: Hello.

Casting Director: Ashlie Walker?

Ashlie: Hi. That’s me! Hi.

Casting Director: Hi. Thanks for coming. Shall we just get started?

Ashlie: Actually, before we begin, I’m really sorry but my brother was supposed to take my dog and he let me down. Do you mind if she’s here? I promise she’ll be quiet!

Casting Director: Not at all. She might be exactly what we’re looking for. Aren’t you lovely? What’s her name?

Ashlie: Poppy. I’ve done this kind of thing a few times.

Casting Director: Hi, Poppy. Aren’t you lovely? How old is she?

Ashlie: She’s six months. Could you tell me something about the advertisement?

Casting Director: Wow, she’s really lovely. Aren’t you lovely? Eh? Who’s a lovely girl then?

Ashlie: Erm… are we ready to start?

Casting Director: What? Oh, yes. We’re going to take a few photos of you.

Ashlie: OK. Great.

Casting Director: Are you going to have your photograph taken too, Poppy? Are you? Come on.


Casting Director: OK, Ashlie, that was great, thanks.

Ashlie: Thank you.

Casting Director: You were both fantastic. I'm sure they'll like it. I’ll give you a call soon, OK?

Ashlie: OK then. Thanks again.

Casting Director: Bye, Ashlie.

Ashlie: Bye.

Casting Director: Bye, Poppy.


Ashlie: Oh, hiya!

Stephen: Well, how did it go?

Ashlie: Erm, well, it went well, I think. I think they liked me. They really liked Poppy, didn’t they, Poppy?

Stephen: They liked Poppy?

Ashlie: Yeah. The guy said... Oh, hang on... Hello?

Stephen: Who is it?

Ashlie: Yes, it’s Ashlie. Oh, that’s fantastic. Thank you. Sure. Sure, yeah, that’s fine. Er, OK, alright. Thank you. Bye.

Stephen: What is it? Well?

Ashlie: I got the part.

Stephen: That was quick.

Ashlie: And they want Poppy, too!

Stephen: Wahey! Well done, girl.

Ashlie: What about me?

Stephen: Well done, Ash.

Ashlie: Urrrgh, Stephen, you’re all smelly!


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