Урок 20 - Обязанности присяжного. Lesson 20 - Jury Duty
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Woman: Hey! Hello there! Haven’t seen you in ages!

Man: Oh… all right yeah.

Woman: Great to see you again! You’re looking really well!

Man: Oh! You think so? Thanks...

Woman: So, how are you?

Man: Well, you know, mustn’t grumble.

Woman: What’ve you been up to? Still working in that coffee shop?

Man: Yeah...same one...

Woman: Still trying to be an actor?

Man: Well, yeah, you know...

Woman: So Hollywood hasn’t called in yet?

Man: Not yet...

Woman: Still living in…that …er…little flat?

Man: Yeah. Same one.

Woman: Well, great.

Man: How about you? You still there…working in the fast food place?

Woman: No! Stopped that a long time ago! I’m working in the city now, financial industries!

Man: Oh. Great. Are you still sharing that house with all those other people?

Woman: No way! I bought a big house with… four bedrooms, and a garden… the works.

Man: Hmm…good for you.

Woman: Listen! We should get together for a drink sometime! Catch up!

Man: Yeah, I’d love to.

Woman: Let’s do it! Keep in touch then!