Урок 15 - В универмаге. Lesson 15 - In a Department Store
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1. Прослушивание и повторение диалога

Прослушайте первую часть аудио, если Вам непонятны отдельные моменты, прослушайте повторно. Если этого недостаточно откройте подсказку с текстом на английском языке. А чтобы увидеть перевод на русский язык, откройте в новом окне следующий слайд и сверьтесь с текстом. Во второй части задания повторяйте фразы за диктором, старайтесь добиться схожего произношения.




- Can I help you?
- Yes, I'm looking for something to wear to a formal party.
- What size do you wear, ma'am?
- Medium, an eight or a ten.
- Let me show you what we have. This dress is very beautiful. It's the latest fashion from Paris. And here's a plaid jacket that matches.
- Plaid? No way! What about this skirt here?
- Good choice. It's made of pure silk. This silk blouse would go with it very well.
- Let me try it on. Where's the dressing room?
- Right over here.
- Thanks.
- Ah, you look wonderful.
- Really? Isn't the skirt a bit too long?
- We can always make it shorter.
- That's true. How much is it?
- The skirt is $125. And the blouse is on sale, for only $69.
- OK, I'll take it.

- I bought these pants here the other day, but they're too big. I'd like to return them.
- Do you have your receipt with you?
- Sure, here you go.
- Sir, these pants were on sale. We dont take returns on sale items.
- How about a store credit?
- I'm afraid there are no returns at all on sale merchandise. I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do.