Урок 14 - В аптеке. Lesson 14 - At The Drug Store
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1. Прослушивание и повторение диалога

Прослушайте первую часть аудио, если Вам непонятны отдельные моменты, прослушайте повторно. Если этого недостаточно откройте подсказку с текстом на английском языке. А чтобы увидеть перевод на русский язык, откройте в новом окне следующий слайд и сверьтесь с текстом. Во второй части задания повторяйте фразы за диктором, старайтесь добиться схожего произношения.




- Hi, June. I haven't seen you in ages.
- Barbara, hi, how's it going? I have to pick up some cough medicine for my husband.
- How about this one here? It'll help him sleep.
- Let me see. $12.29?! What a rip-off!    
- This one is cherry flavored and won't cause drowsiness.
- I'll take that. And I need to get some aspirin, too.
- I have to get this prescription for my son. He has a cold as well.
- I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to get some coffee afterward and catch up on things?
- I'd love to, but I promised my son I'd be home right away.
- Well, maybe some other time. I'll give you a call.
- Yes, please do. Bye. And give my best to your husband.
- I will. Catch you later!

- Excuse me, sir, I have a prescription to fill.
- Would you prefer tablets or liquid form?
- Tablets, please.
- Here you go. Take them three times a day right after meals.
- Thanks a lot.
- And remember, there's a refill on this prescription.