Диалоги. С днем рождения! и Кемпинг под звездами
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Father: Hi Michael. Happy Birthday! How old are you today?


Son: Seven.


Father: Alright. Well, let’s sing Happy Birthday:


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Michael,

Happy Birthday to you.


Father: Alright. So what should we do first?


Son: How about cake and ice cream?


Father: Okay. Well, uh let . . . let’s light the candles. Okay, and make a wish! Don’t . . . don’t tell me.


Son: Don’t tell you?


Father: Yeah, don’t tell me. Okay, and go ahead and blow out the candles. Okay, let’s cut the cake, and then we can have cake and ice cream. And what do you want to do after the cake and ice cream?


Son: Play freeze tag.


Father: Now, how do you play tag?


Son: Um . . . one person is it, and the person who is it tries to tag everyone [Alright. And then . . . ] before I tag someone and then, another person tags me.


Father: Oh, wow. And who’s coming over later today for your birthday?


Son: Well, everyone. Uh, my cousins, all my aunts and grandmas, grandpas.


Father: Alright. Well, Happy Birthday, Michael.