Урок 8 - Первый день на работе. Lesson 8 - The First Day In The Office
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1. Прослушивание и повторение диалога

Прослушайте первую часть аудио, если Вам непонятны отдельные моменты, прослушайте повторно. Если этого недостаточно откройте подсказку с текстом на английском языке. А чтобы увидеть перевод на русский язык, откройте в новом окне следующий слайд и сверьтесь с текстом. Во второй части задания повторяйте фразы за диктором, старайтесь добиться схожего произношения.




- Hi, I'm Susan Richter. And you must be Bob.
- Yes, Bob Fuller. Nice to meet you.
- Let me introduce you to some people. Annette, I'd like you to meet our new colleague.
- Oh, hello, I'm Annette Silva. Good to meet you.
- Hi, I'm Bob Fuller.
- Where will you be working?
- In the international sales division.
- Oh, right next door. We'll be seeing a lot of each other then. Let's have lunch sometime.
- Yes, I'd love to.
- Let me introduce you to Phil now. He's the manager of our division.
- Hey, you must be Bob. We've been expecting you. I'm Phil Mendez.
- Nice to meet you.
- Welcome on board.
- So, how was your commute this morning?
- Not bad at all. It only took me twenty minutes to get here. By the way, I was wondering about my hours. I arrived here at nine today. Would it be better if I got here earlier on some days?
- Yes. Would you mind getting here around eight thirty?
- Not at all. And when do you usually leave, five o'clock?
- Well, we usually leave when the work's done. Sometimes that's six or even later. Let's play it by ear.
- No problem. And one more thing. Could you tell me how the telephone works?    
- Sure. Dial 9 for an outside line, and then the number you are calling. If you want to contact anyone in the office, just dial their extension.
- OK. Thanks.