Podcast. Living and working in Oxford
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1. Аудио

Listen to the audio. Try to understand as much as you can from the first listening.
Listen to the audio one more time, stop and repeat the audio if you don't understand something.
If after second listening you still have parts of the text that you don't understand (or you have some problems with the text) open the next page of the Lesson with script in the new window.


Translation of the task and script of the text:


Перевод задания к слайду:

Прослушайте аудио. Постарайтесь понять максимум информации с первого раза.
Прослушайте аудио повторно при этом останавливайте и повторяйте непонятные места.
Если какие-то фрагменты остались непонятными откройте в новом окне следующие слайды и сверьтесь текстом .

Script of the text:

At the moment I’m on holiday because I lived here in Oxford for two years and four months and.... So I left in 2006 and I came back, you know, just to see how things are really.
I graduated before I came so I finished my uni and I came here to study English. I finished my course. It was two years’ long. Then I got back to Brazil and I got offered a job there.
The weather, (it) starts from the weather, like, it’s very different and um people are different as well and, like, just the landscape. Everything is quite, kind of, quite different. Sometimes people ask me, like, which one I prefer and I just say to them it’s really difficult, like, there’s no way to compare because the two beautiful ways of life, you know, there’s a really nice to be there and work and, like, family’s there and all the friends. It’s my country but, um, in here you have lots of other things like security is better and you can afford, like better things here. Like, even not working, like as a professional, you know, even like just doing, like, small jobs, ..., are different. You can travel easier here to different countries as there is too big so you just travel, like, around Brazil. Um, the different culture really. Maybe um, maybe, the language barrier when you, when you arrive here because, um, in other countries people used to say, like, oh the English are very cold, you know, they won’t greet you nicely and stuff but it’s all about, like, not speaking their language properly because as soon as I picked up the language they were so lovely to me. Like, I’ve been to so many, like, really British houses and I travelled a lot in England to friends’ houses and they were really really nice to me. As long as you, you know, learn English and you can speak to people you’ll see, like, a big difference. They’re very educated and they’re very nice to you. They’re very polite and kind so...
Yeah, so, I’m working for this multinational there and um so we have lots of auditors and visitors from abroad that’s why I’m doing translation. I’m also, also, I’m a food engineer.