Podcast. Футбольный комментарий
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1. Аудио

Listen to the audio. Try to understand as much as you can from the first listening.
Listen to the audio one more time, stop and repeat the audio if you don't understand something.
If after second listening you still have parts of the text that you don't understand (or you have some problems with the text) open the next page of the Lesson with script and translation in the new window.


Translation of the task and script of the text:


Перевод задания к слайду:

Прослушайте аудио. Постарайтесь понять максимум информации с первого раза.
Прослушайте аудио повторно при этом останавливайте и повторяйте непонятные места.
Если какие-то фрагменты остались непонятными откройте в новом окне следующие слайды и сверьтесь тестом и переводом.

Script of the text:

A Football Commentary


Announcer This is BBC Radio 4. We're now taking you over to Highbury Stadium for a commentary on the Football League match between Arsenal and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Your commentator this afternoon is James Cooper. 

Commentator And this is James Cooper, welcoming listeners on this bright, sunny, rather mild mid-December afternoon to Highbury Stadium, where a capacity crowd are waiting to see how Arsenal, who are third in the table, face up to Wolves at home. Wolves, you'll remember, drew with Arsenal one all in the away match at Molineux earlier in the season, but they've been playing very well lately and Arsenal will have to be on top form if they're to keep their unbeaten home record intact. We're just waiting for the teams to come out on to the pitch now. And here they are. Arsenal, led by their captain Bobby Smith, who's having his best season with the club so far. And behind them come Wolves, led by Sammy Baker, who's been improving tremendously as a right half in the last few months, and who in fact has just been named by Sir Alf Ramsey as one of the reserves in the England team to meet West Germany in next week's international. 

The stadium flag, now, hardly fluttering on this fine afternoon, as the crowd — and I should think it must be the largest this season — waits patiently while the teams warm up. And now I can see the referee calling the captains to the centre-spot for the toss. Up goes the coin. And it looks as though Smith's won the toss. 

Yes, Smith has won the toss for Arsenal, and he's chosen to defend the Gillespie Road end. So Wolves will have to kick off into this rather bright sunshine and light breeze. 

And the ball goes out of play for a goal-kick to Arsenal. Gould, the Arsenal goalkeeper, places the ball, runs up and boots it well upfield to Smart, the outside-left. Smart traps it neatly and sets off at a cracking pace up the left wing. Hunt's there with him now, out on the left, on the far side of the field. And at the moment the Wolves' defence is looking rather disorganised. Smart to Hunt. Hunt takes the ball forward quickly, cutting inside towards the Wolverhampton goal. The centre-half comes across and tries to intercept him, but Hunt slips past and quickly pushes the ball out to Smart again, who's still making ground up the left wing. Now Smart. He gathers the ball right on the touchline and brings it almost to the corner-flag. Wolves' right-back is with him now. Tackles; but Smart beats him, brings the ball clear, and now he's looking for the centre-forward. He's still holding on to it. What's he going to do? He'll lose it if he's not careful. No! He swings it across the goalmouth, hard and high — a beautiful centre! And Johnson's right there: the centre-forward's there; and he's unmarked; and he jumps; he gets his head to it and — oh! what a goal! What a beautiful goal! The Wolves' goalie just didn't stand a chance with that one. 

Johnson took it beautifully. Headed it like a bullet into the top left-hand corner of the net. Well, there's the first goal. Arsenal have opened the scoring, and as they make their way back to the centre-spot the crowd are still roaring their approval. 

And the whistle's gone for a foul. And it looks as if it was Parsons. Yes, the referee's coming across to him and he's taking out his book. Yes, he's taking Parsons' name now, and I should think it was because of that rather heavy tackle. 

1 must say Parsons is unlucky to be booked for that, because he's had to put up with quite a bit of rough play from Jones this afternoon. He's been marking Jones very closely, almost shutting him out of the game; and I think Jones has tended to get just a little rough as a result. But now Parsons has retaliated a bit too strongly, and he's ended up by having his name taken. This is quite a serious matter for Parsons, because he's already had his name taken three times this season, and although the Disciplinary Committee let him off with a caution on the first three occasions, he may well get suspended this time. And now the referee is placing the ball for a free kick to Wolves.