Базовое занятие № 4.Питание.
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3. Discussing the audio.

On this page you have to discuss the text "Breakfast recipes" with your Partner.


Task № 1.

Discuss the following questions with your Partner one-by-one.

1. Why should Dad cook breakfast?

2. What does Dad suggest to prepare to his daughter?

3. Why is she against the pancakes?

4. What do dad and daughter decide in the end?

Task № 2.

Try to retell the text: the first Speaker (Dad) may be User with Role 1 and the second speaker (Daughter) - User with Role 2. If your Partner has some problems with this task, then help him.


Difficult words in this text:



kitchen counter – холодильник

bruised – испортился, почернел

cereal – хлопья

wallet – бумажник


Перевод описания слайда:

Данный слайд посвящен обсуждению аудио отрывка "Рецепты на завтрак" с Партнером.


Перевод задания к слайду:

Задание 1.

Обсудите с партнером поочередно вопросы по тексту.

1. Почему папа должен приготовить завтрак?

2. Что папа предлагает приготовить своей дочке?

3. Почему она против блинов?

4. Что в итоге решают папа и дочка?

Задание 2.

Попытайтесь пересказать текст, первую половину пользователь с Ролью 1, вторую - пользователь с Ролью 2. Помогайте партнеру, если он испытывает затруднения в выполнении этого задания. Задавайте наводящие вопросы.


Daughter: Dad, Dad. What's for breakfast? Dad? What's for breakfast?
Dad: Uh, there's a banana on the kitchen counter. Enjoy.
Daughter: Dad, that banana's all bruised, and it looks like the cat took a bite out of it last night . . . Dad. Wake up.
Dad: Okay. Uh, there's some cereal in the cupboard. Help yourself
Daughter: But there's no milk.
Dad: Well, just mix up some powdered milk.
Daughter: Ah, no way. That stuff is nasty and warm. Come on, Dad.
Dad: Uh, okay. I guess I could make some pancakes.
Daughter: Uh, no. The last time you made pancakes, they were as hard as a rock. Even the dog wouldn't touch them.
Dad: That bad? [Yeah.] Alright. Wait! Why in the world are we having this conversation anyway? You're 19 years old. Make your own breakfast. I'm going back to bed.
Daughter: Because you love me . . . plus you said that you'd make something for me if I cleaned the dishes last night.
Dad: Okay. How about some eggs and bacon? I can't go wrong there.
Daughter: Okay, but don't put any of that funny stuff in it . . . you know, those weird mushrooms like you did last time.
Dad: Okay, okay. So, you want me to keep things simple, right?
Daughter: Exactly. But, please hurry. My friend is picking me up in a few minutes.
Dad: On a Saturday morning?
Daughter: Yeah. He's taking me fishing.
Dad: Fishing? Since when did you start liking fishing?
Daughter: Since Dirk gave me this ring! What do you think?
Dad: What? Wait. I'm not going to ask. Let me get breakfast on the table . . . Then, we'll have a long chat.
Daughter: Oh, he's here. I'll just take the $20 bill out of your wallet. I can buy breakfast on the way. Bye
Dad: Oh, no!