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4. Quiz.

You are going to take part in the Justin Timberlake's Lyrics  Quiz.
Read and translate each question and possible answer by turns. 
Give your own opinion, then read and translate the correct answers.   


Justin Timberlake's Lyrics  Quiz.

Question Possible answers
1 What is the typical characteristic of the pop-music genre? A. Aim of appealing to a general audience; B. Dance-oriented music; C. Simple structure of the songs; D.All of the above.
2 Which of the following activities is Timberlake's priority? A. Singing; B. Acting; C. Dancing; D. Composing.
3 Can you define the musical genres which the songs of Timberlake belong to?

A. Jazz; B. Hip-Hop;

C. R & B; D. Pop-music.

4 What was the name of the boy band which Timberlake participated in 1990s? A. Backstreet boys; B. Take That; C. O-Zone; D.'N Sync.
5 What awards has Timberlake won for his achievement in singing and acting? A. Grammy award; B. Emmy award; C. Oscar award; A. All of the above.
6 Who of the following celebrities were said to be Justin Timberlake's girlfriends? A. Scarlett Johansson; B. Cameron Diaz; C.Britney Spears; D. All of the above.

Discuss the answer to the following questions:
1. What is your own opinion of Justin Timberlake?                 
2. Are you familier with Justin Timberlake' s musical works?
3. What do you  like/ dislike about him or his works?      
4. Can you name his world famous singles?
5. Have you ever watched his films? If yes, did you like his acting? If no, would you like to watch?
6. Do you know any extra information / gossips about him?


Difficult words and answers:


genre - жанр, вид, род
identify - 1) определять, устанавливать;  2) отождествлять (что-л.) с (чем-л.), употр.. с пред. with
priority - приоритет, первенство;
venture - предприятие, фирма;
define - определять, давать определение;
award - назначать (награду, премию, наказание)
celebrity - 1) знаменитый человек; 2) известность.


Correct answer
1 D. All of the above: Musicologists often identify the above mentioned characteristics as typical of the pop music genre.
2 A. Singing: Among many ways of expressing his outstanding and gifted personality Timberlake considers his singing career as priority. Though his other ventures include record label Tennman Records, fashion label William Rast, and the restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality. 
3 C. R & B; D. Pop-music: Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) is an American Pop and R&B musician.
4 D. 'N Sync: Timberlake became famous in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the boys band 'N Sync."
5 A. Grammy award and B. Emmy award:  Timberlake won six Grammy Awards as well as two Emmy Awards.
6 D. All of the above: These celebrities at various times were claimed to be Justin's girlfriends. As it is known, Justin prefers to remain in good relationships with all his ex-girlfriends."

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