Базовое занятие №9. Глаголы, общая лексика.
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4. Dialog.

Read the sentences aloud, after reading you have to translate them. You can do it Role by Role or sentence by sentence.

If your Partner makes mistakes or has some troubles with pronunciation, you can help him, just giving him advice about reading or translating.


What are your plans for tonight?

Cheryl / Guam       

What are my plans for tonight? Well, I think tonight I'm going to my friend's concert and probably see her play the piano and sing. It's at a city that I live near, so it's going to be really fun I think.
Antoine / France       

Right now, I think I'm going to eat because I'm quite hungry. Then I will go back to my room I have to make some studies for a course I have tomorrow, and then I will probably just chat on the internet with my friends because I am not in France right now and watch a movie and just sleep not that late to be in shape tomorrow.
Nydja / United States       

Tonight, actually I am in Bangkok right now and I have not had a chance to go out and see the nightlife at all. So I plan to kind of maybe jump on the BTS, the metro station here and get off a couple of different stops and see what's to be seen.
Ray / United States       

What are my plans for tonight? Well, I wish they were more than interesting than they actually are. I've got a conference that I'm going to be going to and I'm sure the talks are going to be very interesting and I am looking forward to hearing them, but it is a Sunday and I guess I'd rather be doing something that would maybe be a little bit less work related under the circumstances.
Hoa / Vietnam       

My plans for tonight. I'm going to meet some friends and then we're going to have dinner, we're going to make dinners, I'm going to make some Vietnamese food and my friends who are from Austria and from France, they're going to make some general the food called schnitzel in Austrian which is the traditional food in Austria and I think we're going to just have dinner and a little chitchat and then maybe karaoke afterwards.
Jonathan / Canada       

My plans for tonight. Well in fact I have a flight tomorrow morning. So I'm going to be staying by the airport tonight. I'm going to go out to karaoke. There is a bar which is usually filled with flight crews so I can meet and talk to staff of airlines from all around the world and it makes a very fun, international evening.


Difficult words in the text:


probably - вероятно               
movie - фильм               
jump on - пересесть                
BTS - имитация главного терминала               
under the circumstances - при данных обстоятельствах               
schnitzel - шницель               
chitchat - посплетничать               
flight crew - лётный экипаж


Перевод задания к слайду:

Прочтите предложения вслух, далее переведите их. Вы можете переводить по ролям, или предложение пользователь с Ролью 1, далее предложение пользователь с Ролью 2.

Если Ваш Партнер делает ошибки, или у него возникают трудности с выполнением данного задания, Вы можете помочь ему в прочтении или переводе диалога.