Развлекательное занятие. Великие спортсмены.
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4. Dicussion.

Read and translate each paragraph by turns. Discuss each statement with a partner.


1. World famous boxer Oscar De La Hoya was involved in the scandal after unflattering picture of him had appeared everywhere showing the boxer in bras, stockings, short skirts and women's underwear. He made a vain attempt to get the matter settled, by announcing a statement saying that the photos were altered. Later he confessed that all pictures were real. De la Hoya blamed his adventures in drag on cocaine and alcohol. 
What is your own opinion of such behavior?

2. Modern world already does not consider professional sport without doping scandals. All major sport events are described as "a pharmacological trade show". Together with the medals and titles came the negative health side effects, such as liver cancer, organ damage, psychological defects, hormonal changes and infertility. Taking in to consideration all the facts, should performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids be legalized in competitive sports. Do you agree?

3. “Spoiled” Italian football players didn’t want to pay a new tax and threatened to go on strike. The measure was aimed to help the government to handle national debts. Italian people disapproved the sportsmen's refusal. Should the football players be ashamed of their behavior?

4. Russia as the 2018 World Cup host became the center of the racist scandal as the Russian fan presented Roberto Carlos with a banana. Do you agree that racist scandals damage the reputation of Russian and disgrace the game?


Difficult words in the text:

unflattering - нелестный;
vain -напрасный, тщетный;
alter - менять, переделывать;
infertility - бесплодие;
spoiled - избалованный;
performance enhancing drugs - стимуляторы

Перевод задания к слайду:

Прочтите и переведите поочередно каждое высказывание. Если Ваш Партнер делает ошибки, или у него возникают трудности с выполнением данного задания, Вы можете помочь ему в прочтении или переводе диалога.