Развлекательное занятие. Литературные жанры.
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3. Discussing the audio.

On this page you have to discuss the text "On reading" with your Partner.


Discuss the following questions with your Partner one by one.

1. Do Kerri and Mark read a lot?

2. When and where do they read?

3. What kinds of books do they prefer?

4. What does Mark prefer - reading or watching TV? Why?

5. Does Todd agree with Mark about watching TV? What does he say about television?

6. What books is Kerri reading at the moment? What are they about? Which is fiction and which is non-fiction?

7. Who is Kerri's favourite author?


Difficult words in this text:


fiction - художественная литература

non-fiction - документальная литература

to have an affair - крутить роман

to commute - ездить на работу в город (о жителе пригорода)

You are the man! - Ну ты мужик! (разг.)

imagination - воображение

to rot - разлагать

genre - жанр 


Перевод описания слайда:

Данный слайд посвящен обсуждению аудиоотрывка "Чтение" с Партнером.


Перевод задания к слайду:

Обсудите с Партнером поочередно вопросы по тексту.