Развлекательное занятие. Литературные жанры.
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2. Audio.

Concentrate on listening to the audio "On reading".

If necessary make notes. Next you have to answer the questions on this text.

Try to understand the text from the first listening.

If you didn't understand something, listen to the text one more time.


Difficult words in this text:


fiction - художественная литература

non-fiction - документальная литература

to have an affair - крутить роман

to commute - ездить на работу в город (о жителе пригорода)

You are the man! - Ну ты мужик! (разг.)

imagination - воображение

to rot - разлагать

genre - жанр




Kerri on Reading


Todd: Keri, let's talk about reading.

Kerri: OK.

Todd: First of all, do you like to read?

Kerri: Yes, I do!

Todd: What do you read usually?

Kerri: I kind of alternate between fiction and non-fiction.

Todd: OK. What are you reading now?

Kerri: I'm reading two books now. The Ethics of Startrek, which my uncle gave me, which is non-fiction, and I just started it today: A Spy in the House of Love.

Todd: Oh, OK. It looks like a pretty good book. What is it about?

Kerri: Right now I've just started, so it's about a women who has been having an affair, basically.

Todd: OK. When do you read? When do you find time to read?

Kerri: I read on the trains while I'm commuting to work. I read at night, on the weekends.

Todd: OK. What is your favourite author?

Kerri: I don't have a favourite author.

Todd: Yeah. it's kind of hard to pick.

Kerri: Yeah.

Todd: OK. Do you go to the library often?

Kerri: No, I don't.


Mark on Reading


Todd: Hey, Mark I saw that you're reading a book out there.

Mark: Yeah, that's right.

Todd: So, do you read a lot?

Mark: Yeah, I read a lot. In fact I don't have a television.

Todd: Ah, you're the man.

Mark: Seriously, I only read.

Todd: Wow, how many books do you get through a week?

Mark: A week! Ah, at least one a week, because I work all the time.

Todd: Oh, that's pretty good.

Mark: Yeah, but I enjoy reading because television doesn't give you imagination, yeah I prefer reading.

Todd: Yeah, I hear you. It rots your mind, I think. Ah, also, what kind of books you like to read? What kind of genres?

Mark: Well, let's see, I've got a lot of nonfiction, a lot of comedy.

Todd: Cool, so actually, when you read, like where do you normally read?

Mark: Where do I normally read? On the trains, actually. I'm always reading on the trains. I read because I'm always travelling to work. A lot of pleasure. And it's funny because I meet people on the trains when I'm reading, they look over at my book.

Todd: That's cool. I love to read on the trains.


Перевод задания к слайду:

Прослушайте текст "Чтение" максимально сконцентрированно. При необходимости делайте пометки. Далее необходимо ответить на вопросы по данному тексту. 


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