Базовое занятие №28. Лучший друг.
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2. Audio.

Concentrate on listening to the audio "Best friend".

If necessary make notes. Next you have to answer the questions on this text.

Try to understand the text from the first listening.

If you didn't understand something, listen to the text one more time.


Difficult words in this text:


to tend - иметь склонность

to hold back - сдерживать (эмоции)

to be into - увлекаться

to fight - ссориться

to make up - мириться

to bottle up - "закупоривать" (эмоции)

to resent - негодовать

to quiz - опрашивать

an amount - количество

a major - профильный предмет

for hours on end - часы напролёт

on occasion - время от времени

one's pet peeve - больная мозоль

to handle - выносить, терпеть

to get over - преодолеть



Rebecca: Alright, so Gareth, who's your best friend?

Gareth: Ah, difficult question, but I would have to say that my wife is my best friend.

Rebecca: You're wife so then where did you meet?

Gareth: We met in England when I was eighteen. My wife was twenty-one, and we met at university.

Rebecca: At the university really. So why are you such good friends?

Gareth: I think because we can share true feelings. With some of my friends I tend to hold a little bit back. I don't necessarily, give all of myself to them, so with my wife I can tell her that I'm sad or upset or angry or happy and we can talk about a lot of stuff, and I feel very comfortable and yeah, just realized with her.

Rebecca: That's really nice. What do you guys normally do together?

Gareth: We like movies and TV shows. We're really into American TV shows and we just finished up watching Lost. It's an American TV show that went on for quite sometime, like six years, and we watched it from the very beginning and we just watched the last episode and we like TV shows. We also have two children so most of our time is spent playing with them. Going out. We like to travel a lot, so we often travel back to my home-country, England, and my mom's living in America at the moment so we're planning to visit her for Christmas.

Rebecca: Sounds like a lot of fun.

Gareth: Yeah, it is. Definitely.

Rebecca: So then, the big question: do you guys ever fight?

Gareth: Oh, yeah. Of course, yeah, but that's the good thing about it. It's making up after the fight that's important. So it doesn't matter that we fight and I think that most couples early on tend to avoid conflict and they tend to bottle stuff up inside, but then if you do keep that inside you'll end up resenting the partner for it, so I think it's healthy to give your opinion and that's what my wife and I do. We often tell each other when we're unhappy, and the reason why and we discuss it and we often fight and sometimes it gets heated, a heated argument, but then we make up and it's good. It makes us stronger. It makes up realize what annoys the other so.

Rebecca: So you can avoid them in the future.

Gareth: Exactly, yeah.

Rebecca: Sounds really nice. That's really great. Thank you very much.

Gareth: Okay, Rebecca, you quizzed me about my best friend, now your turn. Who's your best friend?

Rebecca: My best friend is maybe one of my best friends from college. His name is Richard.

Gareth: Where did you meet him?

Rebecca: Actually, we met in college because my roommate was out hunting for people with similar interests, and so she put on a t-shirt from Final Fantasy Seven. Actually she caught me with the same t-shirt. And she found this guy's. She's like "Oh, I know that game. It's Final Fantasy Seven" and so we all started talking because of that.

Gareth: So is that why you're good friends, because of this common interest?

Rebecca: I think that does have a lot to do with it. We had a lot of good times as a group playing video games together or watching different TV shows and a lot of cartoons and anime and stuff, but I think we're good friends because of the amount of time we spend together. When we were in college, we both had similar majors. We were both doing the English major with our foreign language which is Japanese, so you only have a certain number of classes you can take, and we ended up being in all the same classes, so we spent a lot of time together.

Gareth: So, how often do you meet each other these days?

Rebecca: Nowadays we both live really far apart. He's out in Tokyo and I'm actually down here in Kyuushuu so we're really far apart, but the modern world is all full of technology so meet online a lot. Like we talk using Skype, so we talk on the phone basically for hours on end.

Gareth: Do you ever fight with him?

Rebecca: If we stay apart from each other, we don't fight, but if we visit each other which we do on occasion, we have to keep the visit to under a week because if not, we'll start trying to kill each other.

Gareth: So what do you usually fight about?

Rebecca: Oh, it's always silly little things like he does one of my pet peeve's is people who chew with their mouth open. Like I can't handle it and normally for you know like the first so many days, I can get over it, but once you get past that week part, it's you know, the one week, it's like "Uh, nope, nope. I'm gonna kill you now. Done! I've reached my limit. Game over." (Note: There are two separate notes)

Gareth: Great. Thanks very much.

Rebecca: No problem.


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