Художественное искусство. Развлекательное занятие.
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                                                           Crazy Artists

     Some artists, whether they’re painters, writers or musicians, are considered crazy. There is compelling evidence that some of the best artists do deserve the title, except the term "crazy" is generally more politely replaced with "mentally ill."

    Mental illness in "crazy artists" may create a number of factors that contribute to their artistic tendencies. The artist who sees him or herself as "outside" of the general public because of a mental illness is likely to have a take on humanity quite different from the "inside" man or woman. In fact, being outside allows one to observe society as one might observe a society of birds for example

    Additionally "crazy artists" have access to the excessive emotional content of their lives. This is very true of those with bipolar disorder or depression.

    Some cannot filter out the deep and foreboding emotions, causing great mental disturbance. Exposure to consistent emotional content can as well touch others listening to, observing or reading the art.

   Many famous artists have been known to have depression. This is certainly the case with Vincent Van Gogh, the poster child of "crazy artists." However, Michelangelo may also have been suffering from deep depression. Paul Gauguin can certainly be said to have been one of the "crazy artists" suffering a mid-life crisis, battling alcoholism and relocating to Tahiti to paint during the last few years of his life.

    Some think that insanity is a prerequisite of great art. This is clearly not the case, and there are many fabulous artists who were quite sane. Further, insanity does not translate to great art.


Difficult words


compelling - интригующий
mentally ill - психически больной
tendency - склонность
humanity - человечество
bipolar disorder - биполярное расстройство
insanity - безумие
prerequisite - предварительное условие