Базовое занятие № 32. Отдых, туризм.
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4. Dialog.

Read the sentences aloud, after reading you have to translate them. You can do it Role by Role or sentence by sentence.

If your Partner makes mistakes or has some troubles with pronunciation, you can help him, just giving him advice about reading or translating.


Types of holiday.

1. Good morning. My name is Andre and I'm the managing director of a travel company which offers a wide variety of specialist holidays throughout the African continent. The company originally specialised in overland tours in several African countries. As the company grew we branched out into safari holidays, wine and cultural tours in South Africa, and golfing holidays. We pride ourselves on being able to offer tailor-made holidays which take into account our clients' interests. 

2. Hello, I'm Fiona and I work for a company based in Laos offering adventure and eco-tourism. We organise trekking-tours to remote parts of the country, and promote a wide range of adventure sports including white water rafting, kayaking, caving and climbing. We work hard with local communities to make sure that they benefit from tourism, and ensure that our clients understand that some practices, such as taking photos of the locals, are not always acceptable in remote areas.

3. Good morning. I'm Stuart and my company specialises in city breaks and cultural tours in Europe. We organise two-centre holidays, for example city and beach breaks, and we offer a large number of special interest holidays, such as residential cookery courses in Italy and France, wine-tasting and gastronomy holidays, and historical and archaeological coach tours. We choose hotels, guides and transport companies very carefully and our clients appreciate the attention to detail we give and come back year after year.

4. My name is Anita and my agency sends clients on a range of holidays focusing on relaxation and well-being. We offer yoga retreats and spa breaks around the world, as well as courses on aromatherapy and massage. We can cater for the client who wants to be pampered on a luxurious health farm, or the client who wants a more active holiday combining classes and workshops with sightseeing. 



Difficult words in the text:


overland - сухопутный

branch out - расширяться, открывать новые отделения

tailor made - сделанный на заказ

trekking tours - длительные путешествия, зачастую сопряженные с трудностями

pamper - баловать, изнеживать



Перевод задания к слайду:

Прочтите предложения вслух, далее переведите их. Вы можете переводить по ролям, или предложение пользователь с Ролью 1, далее предложение пользователь с Ролью 2.

Если Ваш Партнер делает ошибки, или у него возникают трудности с выполнением данного задания, Вы можете помочь ему в прочтении или переводе диалога.