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On-line подкасты об Австралии, с текстом (sript)

Развлекательные видео уроки. Лексика подкастов по сложности среднего уровня, но беглая речь участников историй делают их более походящими для уровня Upper - Intermediate.  Интересность подкастов средняя иногда присутствует закадровый голос диктора, обращаю внимание на фразы английского языка.

English Bites is an informative and entertaining way for intermediate to advanced English speakers to learn common terms and English usage.

This story is about collecting toys. We'll look at the expression 'by far', the phrasal verb 'move on', and a common irregular past tense.
This story is about a national park known as the Grampians. We'll look at two, to and too, as well as explaining what 'some time' means.
Fitness Fanatics
This story is about a fitness centre run by a young couple. We'll look at the expressions 'day-to-day' and 'day in, day out', as well as explaining what it means to fly by the seat of your pants.
Sea Lions
This story is about swimming with sea lions. We'll look at the expressions 'all walks of life' and 'something else', as well as the phrasal verb 'get on'
Martindale Hall
This story is about a grand colonial house in South Australia, Martindale Hall. We'll look at the phrasal verb 'set about' and the two ways of pronouncing house - house and howse.
Berkelouw's Books
This story is about a book shop in the country. We'll look at the phrasal verb 'coming up to', and the expressions 'going strong' and 'going from strength to strength'.
Bush Retreat
This story is about a place to stay in the Tasmanian bush. We look at the easily confused words bought and brought, and show you how to list things.
Scarecrow Competition
This story is about a scarecrow competition in an Australian country town. We'll look at some shortened words and idioms such as 'down in the dumps'.
Oyster Farm
This story is about a farm in the sea - an oyster farm. We look at some suffixes that form adjectives and discover when 'at the moment' is.
Gus the Fisherman
This story is about a man who makes his living by fishing. We'll look at word for people who fish, the phrasal verb latch onto and the slang term 'heaps'.
Maria Island
This story is about an island off Tasmania's east coast called Maria Island. We'll look at a couple of useful spelling rules and explain what 'what have you' means.
Forest Protesting
This story is about people trying to stop trees in Tasmania being cut down to make paper. We'll look at the words protest and protest, and the phrasal verb open up.
Thanh Bui
This story is about an Australian singer who has a Vietnamese background. We'll look at tag questions and rhetorical questions, as well as the expressions odd one out and there you go.
Little Red
This story is about a band called Little Red. We'll look at the word harmony and the expressions 'work out' and 'from scratch'.
This story is about a town called Berrima. We'll look at the word historic and the expressions live in, live on and 'up to scratch'.
This story is about a contest to find out who is best at playing the board game Monopoly. We'll look at the word champion, and what it means to use something up, and the word 'malarky'.
City Lights
This story is about a graffiti art project in Melbourne called City Lights. We'll look at some words for streets and reveal what clamp down means.
Welcome students
This story is about international students in Melbourne. We'll give you some useful spelling tips and explain the expression 'laid back'.
This story is about dinosaurs made from sand. We'll look at the word sculpt, the expression the whole gamut and the phrasal verb pick up.
Lantern La Lumiere
This story is about a project to turn a car park into a work of art. We'll look at the phrasal verbs 'break down' and 'blow up' as well as the expressions 'up the ante' and 'get a kick'.
Cutloose Surf
This story is about a business that makes and sells surfboards. We'll look at the word shape, as well as the expressions 'on the table' and 'nut out'.
Beach Volleyball
This story is about Beach Volleyball played in the middle of a busy city. We'll look at the word 'work' and the expressions 'away you go' and 'having a go'.
Mardi Gras
This story is about Sydney's gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade. We'll look at the prefix anti- and some of the words that describe same sex relationships.
Bridge Climb
This story is about a tourist venture where you don't just look at the Sydney harbour Bridge - you climb it. We'll look at the word climb and explain what it means to curl your toes up.
Rudd Apology
This story is about the apology by the Australian government to its Aboriginal population. We'll look at the word apology and the terms used to describe Australia's first people.
English Bites Episode 5
This story is about a scientist studying the animals of the Galapagos. We'll look at pronouncing 's' on the end of words and discover what pride of place means.
English Bites Episode 4
This story from our archives is about the last man legally executed in Australia. We'll look at words for legal killing and the expressions 'in cold blood' and 'stick to your guns'.
English Bites Episode 3
This story is about hemp - not the drug marijuana, but the variety of cannabis that is only grown for fibre and seed. We'll look at prefixes that mean not and some forms of the word pollen.
English Bites Episode 2
This story is about a bike race held every year in the countryside surrounding Adelaide in South Australia. We'll explain the words cycle, ride and race, as well as expressions that mean near.
English Bites Episode 1
This story from our archives is about a knitting competition in the 1970s. We'll look at some forms of the word knit and other words that have a silent 'k'.
English Bites - Skiing
Learn about the word fall and what it means to have butterflies in your stomach with Faye.
English Bites - Swimming
In this episode of English Bites you can learn a few things about English as Michelle learns to swim.
English Bites - Motor Racing
Learn some words that mean to go fast.
English Bites - Dolphin Swim
Learn some informal English as people enjoy swimming with dolphins.
English Bites - Skydiving
Discover how thrilling English can be! Preeti is afraid of heights, so for her to go skydiving is a huge challenge.
English Bites - Taronga Zoo
This story take us to Taronga zoo in Sydney with Priya. We'll look at phrases with the word close and what it means to pick and choose. First, what's Priya doing at the zoo?
English Bites - Crabbing
This story is about catching crabs. We'll look at some irregular past tenses and some useful expressions.
This story is about a horse race. We'll look at the tense you use to talk about an unspecified time in the past and what it means to 'dress up'.
This story is about diving on the Great Barrier Reef. We'll look at a couple of phrasal verbs, tell you what humungous means and show you some ways to make conversation.
This story is about sailing on Sydney Harbour. We'll look at some useful expressions and when to use the present perfect tense.
In this story Selby visits Sovereign Hill, a reconstruction of a 19th century Australian gold mining town that attracted many Chinese.
Discover more about the girliest day out with Raisa.
This story is about Meals on Wheels, an organisation that provides free meals to old people.
This story is about learning to play the didgeridoo. First listen to the way Rif uses the word 'want'.
This story is about lawn bowls. Listen for what Sarj wants to be told about the game.
This story is about learning to surf. First, listen to how Nimit uses the word 'should'.
This story is about learning how to water ski. First, listen for the phrasal verb using 'hold'.
This story is about a pageant or parade to celebrate Christmas. First, listen to Preeti talking about what will happen in the future.
This story is about beach volleyball. First, listen to Raisa talking about playing the game.
This story is about rock climbing. Listen as Preeti talks about her climbing experience.
This story is about grape picking. First, listen to Akki talk about where he's staying.
Today we'll join Selby as he learns how to drive a radio controlled car.
This story is about finding homes for unwanted dogs and cats. First, listen to how Michelle describes the animals at the shelter.
In this story, Akki visits a wildlife park. First, listen for what Akki is going to do there.
This story is about working with disabled children. First, listen to what Priya says about why she likes this work:
In this story, Akki learns some things about Australian Aboriginal culture. First, listen to what Akki wants to do.
Today we join Preeti on a tour of places that sell donated goods, called op shops. Listen for what they are going to do.
Today we join Raymond and his friends as they make beer. First, listen for why Raymond is nervous.
This story is about ballooning. First, listen for when Shaiful uses 'a' and 'an'.
Today we join Sarj as he learns ballroom dancing.
Join Jasmine as she takes on mountain biking and learn the difference between finish off and finish up.
English Bites - Bush Dance
Learn how to say dance with Suhasini and some useful expressions for talking about the past.
English Bites - Art Market
Gustave shows what it means to set up and give something a shot.
English Bites - Swim with Sharks
Learn a few useful plurals with Tony as he swims with sharks.
English Bites - Jacob's Ladder
As Christina climbs Jacob's ladder, find out what pass out and so far mean.
English Bites - Farm Day
Visit a farm with Suhasini and learn what is different about sheep and goats.
English Bites - Pandas
Join Jasmine as she admires some pandas and find out when to say seen or saw.
English Bites - Fishing
Shobbie goes fishing and shows what it means to say 'my foot'.
English Bites - Golf
Shaiful learns to play golf while you learn how to use reflexive pronouns.
English Bites - Bar Course
Today Shobbie learns how to be a bar tender and goes to work in a pub.
English Bites - Cricket
Join Shobbie and learn a little about both cricket and English.
English Bites - Kangaroo
Learn a couple of words for meat and eating while Christina cooks kangaroo.
English Bites - Graduation
As Jason graduates, learn the different ways to pronounce graduate.
English Bites - Moon Lantern
Find out if there are other ways of saying sit down and light up as Chloe enjoys a moon lantern festival.
English Bites - Makeover
Learn about dressing up with Jasmine.