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English for Personal Assistants

Мнение эксперта:

Учебник состоит из семнадцати подробных разделов, посвящённых конкретным задачам, возникающим в процессе работы. Программа направлена не только на изучение слов и часто используемых фраз, но и на освоение основных правил выстраивания речи и общей культуры делового общения.

Официальное описание:

English is the international language of business and companies increasingly expect their employees, especially secretaries and PAs, to deal competently with business partners from foreign countries. The book develops and refines the key productive skills of writing and speaking in real-life contexts. It provides guidelines, models, and exercises to enable you to manage your tasks more effectively and efficiently in English. It’s written by native English business practitioners and contains only authentic materials. The book is compact and presents situations that are instantly recognisable to today’s executive secretary. It’s also practical, easy-to-use, and up-to-date.
Designed primarily for PAs, secretaries, management assistants, and support staff, it’s equally useful for a much wider range of people who need to do business internationally in English. You will draw the most benefit from this book if your English is of an intermediate level or above. The focus is on best practice in a variety of business-oriented scenarios, and, in addition, certain key linguistic areas which can be problematic for non-native speakers are reviewed in greater depth. There are also Appendices which provide overviews of for example, linking words and proofreader’s marks, and are intended as a reference.


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